BuddyPress adds Social Networking to WordPress

BuddyPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows websites built on WordPress to add a completely interactive social network to the front-end. You and your business can benefit from BuddyPress. There are dozens of social networking scripts available online, some of them free, some of them come at a premium cost, BuddyPress is free. Meaning you could give it a try right now.

WordPress Beyond Blogs

WordPress is a powerful software solution for web developers that was developed primarily for blogs. Over the years WordPress has evolved into a content management system that is a reliable & competent development environment on it’s own merits. At times it rivals or even beats out much heavier CMS systems like Joomla or Drupal, especially when it comes to cost & practicality.

Community is everything, and this is a concept that the developers of BuddyPress understand well. They’ve done the world wide web an enormous favor by releasing such a powerful tool for free.

BuddyPress represents some of the exciting social developments that the web is experiencing right before the Web 3.0 wave hits. Look forward to the wave of exciting, social weblogs that will undoubtedly emerge from it’s release. We can’t wait to start integrating our own new projects with Buddypress.

Check it out at: BuddyPress.org

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